Personal Food Manifesto

Your Personal Food Manifesto                                                                         Who are you as eater?   We eat to say alive.  If we stop eating we would die.  The purpose of this assignment is to identify your current identity as a consumer of food.  Use the following prompts to write a narrative about yourself as an eater.  It is OK if you can’t answer the questions, just acknowledge that you cannot in your writing.  

Describe your self as an eater?  


What do you eat?


Do you feed yourself?


Do you prepare meals for yourself?



Do you buy food for yourself?  How often?


Do you grow your own food?


Do you kill the animals you eat?  Why or why not?



How many different states do you consume food from?



How many different countries?



What do you consume?  



What types of organisms  





How many different species?




Processed or unprocessed?


Reading Assignment Due Monday: Clarification

So apparently people are having trouble deciding what a chapter is in this book.  If you look at the table of contents.  You will see that the book is broken into 3 Roman Numerals I Industrial Corn, II Pastoral Grass, and III Personal: The Forest.  These are not chapters.  The fact that many of you think these are chapters have taught me a lot about your exposure to books.  I apologize for not realizing that many of you may not have ever seen a book broken up into parts.  That being said, I would like to ask you this question:  Does it seem strange to you that a 411 page book would only have 3 chapters?

These are called parts of a book.  In this book there are three.

Further, if you look at the words listed below Roman Numeral I Industrial Corn, next to each “title” (for example, The Plant: Corn’s Conquest, The Farm, The Elevator, etc.)  There is a number.  My next question for you folks is this:  What did you think these numbers corresponded to?

These numbers are Chapters.

Now, when you begin on page 15, you begin reading Chapter One The Plant: Corn’s Conquest.  Followed by a number: 1.  A naturalist in the supermarket.  As you continue to read there are small numbers above reading passages.  If you look back at the table of contents, however, you sill see that Chapter 2:  The Farm, begins on Page 32.  Here are my questions:  Did you think it was strange, if you assumed that chapter 1 began on page 15 and ended on page 19, that the first chapter was shorter than the introduction?  Also, when you completed chapter 2, did you think that it was strange that over the course of a week, your 9th grade English teacher has only asked you to read 8 pages out of a 411 page book when there are only 19 instructional days left to the school year?

For further clarification:  I EXPECT EVERY 9TH GRADER TO HAVE READ TO PAGE 85!

These pages correspond to the original version, if you have the Purple book, you may need to look at the table of contents to determine where chapter 4 ends and read to that page.

Thank You

Mr. Duarte

P.S.  Only 3 students contacted me regarding this confusion, one of which asked another person for help and was able to complete the assignment correctly.  I also know of people who have done the correct reading.  Why weren’t we helping each other out while I was away?  Secondly, why didn’t you ask the sub?  Why didn’t the sub send me an e-mail to clarify?  My plans had explicitly asked for this if there were confusions.  I feel like my students took advantage of the fact that I was away to complete the absolute minimum work possible, and its disheartening.

Uh, oh…….

I’m noticing that only SOME students are posting answers to the Journal prompts, etc.  You know who you are.   And if you haven’t made any posts, remember, I’m keeping track and this and it WILL affect your Habits of Work!!  So……….lets get posting, I should have to approve WAY MORE comments than I have had…..

So far, there have been 13 comments to each journal prompt.  That means that 29 of you, or about 70% of the 9th grade class is in danger of not being proficient in the following Habits of Work:

I come to class prepared to learn.

I actively and respectfully participate in class.

I am extremely disappointed in your progress on the blogs while I have been away at the EL National Conference.  I will begin contacting families of students who have not posted anything BEFORE I return.

Mr. Duarte

Journal Prompt: Chapter 2


“In spring, when nitrogen runoff is at is heaviest, the city issues ‘blue baby alerts,’ warning parents it’s unsafe to give children water from the tap.  The nitrates in the water convert to nitrite, which binds to hemoglobin, compromising the blod’s ability to carry oxygen to the brain.  So I guess I was wrong to suggest we don’t sip fossil fuels directly; sometimes we do (47)”

In the Quote above, Pollan describes how using pesticides on our produce can run off into and contaminate water supplies.  How do you feel about the use of petroleum-based pesticides used on your food?  Will it make you think twice about eating produce?  Do you want to try to eat more organic produce, do you think that even makes a difference?  Also, how about the use of gas to ripen produce that is picked early?!  Wild!  Respond on your own blog under a Journal Entry category, then post a link to that response as a comment to this prompt.


Reading Assignment Due 5/3

Read Chapter 2.  On Wednesday (5/2) the Substitute will give you Chapter 2 of the Young Reader’s Edition for you to read along with Chapter 2, as it can be really dense at times.  This does not mean that if you have the standard version, your are not going to try to read Chapter 2 out of it, the Young Reader’s Chapter is just to help you understand the concepts better.  Please answer the Journal Prompt associated with Chapter 2 and post a link to your entry as a comment on my prompt.

Vocab, Chapter 1

teeming (15)

flora (15)

fauna (15)

legible (15)

spritzed (15)

toil (16)

euphemism (16)

pristine (16)

lathed (16)

tapered (16)

platonic (16)

enlivened (16)

vigor (17)

seldom (17)

edifice (18)

tethered (18)

leavenings (18)

briquettes (19)

ostensibly (19)

swaths (24)

abetting (24)

versatility (25)

successive (26)

dispossess (26)

boon (28)

…woof, that was exhausting, I need a nap!



Reading Assignment Due 5/2

Okay, so by Wednesday, May 2nd, you MUST read Chapter 1.  All of it.  And it can be pretty dense at some parts, so take your time.  Oh, and HOLY VOCAB!!!!  Make sure to check out the long list I discovered on the Vocab post to follow.  Also, once you’ve completed the journal entries, don’t forget to answer the personal connection page 1-3 question.  Post on your own blog then post a comment with the link on mine.  Thanks!!